Monday, June 27th, 2011

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I was interviewed last week for a book that is being written about a big handful of athletes/artists/musicians/notable folks who are turning 50 this year. One of the obvious questions on the front end of what turned out to be a really fun interview was, “How are you feeling about turning 50?”

My response: “I’m psyched!”

I’m not psyched that our bodies change up when we reach 50 in a way that isn’t terribly useful for an athlete, nor that we have to consider reading glasses or that our memory tends to wane a bit now and then. My 50th year alone has been a doozy of crazy life challenges and its only June! (much more to share soon).

Buddhists believe that struggles placed in our life are our karma ripening from our past (or current) lives and if we embrace these times as perfect opportunities to learn and grow toward enlightenment…we’ll get there sooner. If this is in fact true then I suppose I should be thankful that so much has been tossed at me in a short period of time. Could I currently be on the fast track to nirvana ;)?

Since most folks seem to need to grandly highlight our 50th birthday as some sort of iconic milestone, I will appease these people by happily saying that I will indeed celebrate this one—deeply and wholly—while sleeping in the dirt in one of my favorite places on earth. Its been a phenomenal ride—a rich, full and satisfying 50 years, and as long as I keep breathing I don’t see that changing up too much.

I’ve been asked if Expedition Bhutan was created as a sort of 50th birthday present to myself. The answer is no. Its just an extension of my already adventurous life choices with a cultural flavor to it (and something that has been in the works for a few years). I believe that if you look back and can smile at what you see, and look forward to continuously create within your true passions—then you’ve chosen well. You then turn 50 and you’re psyched. So what has me really psyched are the people who have crossed my path, the places I’ve seen, the experiences—and the ones that are yet to be created. As David Kelly would say, its all about doing, “cool things in cool places with cool people.” Amen.

That ‘coolness’ can include an engaged conversation with a close friend while sipping wine, to a passing shared support with a stranger I’ll never see again while running across a desert, to finally succumbing to the beautiful struggle of losing a loved one. Being present to the opportunities in each can help us center our focus on our rich life being right in front of us—always. I definitely haven’t always done this well, but my continued efforts do allow me to celebrate ALL that has come before while being fueled to keep it all going strong and inspire others to do the same.

In that light I want to acknowledge YOU on my 50th birthday. All of you, for participating in 50 years of amazing. I would not be looking back in celebration, while looking forward yearning more—without being inspired by you.

Thank you!




  1. Happy Birthday week Terri!!

    So you ate the cake already? I recall an interview of a gal who reached 100 this year and when asked what she attributed to getting this far, she replied “eat dessert first” as one of 3 items. I believe the other 2 were laughing often and eat all the bacon you want. :-)

    Sherri :-)

  2. Terri,
    I have to admit I’m jealous of you turning 50 as I will be turning 60 on July 4th (yea of this year). Drink more beer, eat more sinful food, and back off training a notch. Believe me your injuries will go away. My very best to you dear friend. Lets do an adventure soon!

  3. Thanks you both and happy birthday to both of you as well this week!

    Marsh – I am SOOO bummed I can’t head out to Chamonix with you in July – we’ll definitely have to plan something soon. In the meantime I’m on your training plan for sure until you come to SC for a book signing then we can partake together!

  4. 50 is really Fabulous, no joke. My oldest niece gave me a personalized Nike ID sweatshirt with Fifty and Fab under the hoodie portion. To be honest I don’t “feel” fifty and I am told do not “act” fifty. That said, my body has changed and my choice of activities has definitely changed. I am proud to say I rode a century this past year after turning 50, around Lake Tahoe and up and back to Truckee all for Team in Training and the fight against cancer. It appears I have more friends being inflicted with ailments as I get older and wiser which causes me to make wiser choices, regarding food, exercise, alcohol intake, sleep, etc. Terri you have been a role model and mentor of sorts over the years, to me and countless others, watching you run cross country, hearing about your triathlons and extreme sports expeditions but I must agree life is good. You are blessed with family and friends and hope you celebrate in style. Much love, BJB

  5. Barb
    Psyched to hear you are still going after it in all ways. Congrats on your century ride! I am blessed and you are one of those people I’m blessed with. Thanks – much love back at you, t.

  6. Ah 5-0! I too celebrated this milestone in May and my theme for the year was and is “this ain’t your Momma’s fifty!” I feel like I am so blessed to be in a place that is so different than what I could have expected at 50. I am doing things I had stood on the sidelines of for so long and now I’m waving to those that stand in support! Terri, you have been a big part of that this year, in fact you were part of my “year of turning 50” goals. I wanted a coach who I could trust and who would support me, encourage me and frankly not take too many excuses to push me into seeing what I could accomplish. I’ve learned that it’s just a number, it isn’t a definition. Thank you! I can hardly wait to see what I’ll be doing at 60 :)

  7. Ida – Imagine the inspiration you are for those around you, daily, with your never say never attitude. thanks for letting me be a part of all you are up to! Awesome!

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