(an excellent) Holding Pattern

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

I wanted to check in with a quick update. With the royal wedding changing up our expedition dates a bit, the president of BOC reviewing our proposed route for approval, and continued conversations with film staff, we have been in a slight holding pattern with Expedition Bhutan prep. We’ve been quite busy in our holding pattern but, holding none the less.

One of the things I am continually an excellently reminded of is that not every nations culture embodies the blind, frenetic, passionate, results driven work habits—of Americans. So it is important for us to calmly wait—especially when respecting working relationships—when what we really want is to keep driving forward at our crazy pace. An excellent reminder.

That said, we are currently:

  • Continuing to finalize our film team
  • Working on changing up our website text to more finely tune our objectives as they have evolved (very exciting stuff)
  • Continue to create partnerships with individuals and companies who are in alignment with what we are up to
  • Waiting patiently for info from our contacts in Bhutan so we can forge ahead with plans
  • Finalizing negotiations with BOC to partner with them in creating an event for them in Bhutan  in 2012

I would like to once again, thank this awesome team. What a bunch of talented, forward thinking people—I’m honored to be working with you all. We are indeed collectively creating an incredible, memorable experience and we haven’t even stepped foot in Bhutan yet!

Peruse our partner support page with options and details to support and join our Team in Bhutan. For more information on Expedition Bhutan to towww.expeditionbhutan.com and join us on Facebook.

Back at you soon!


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