Momentum and an Exceptional Addition to our Team

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

Wow, I’ve been remiss in sharing as I’ve been ensconced in securing multiple areas surrounding our Expedition. The metaphor we’ve enjoyed using on Team conference calls is the proverbial pushing of the ball—uphill. For months we’ve been diligently rolling the ball upward via countless emails, phone calls, relationships developed, details gathered. As it climbs it gathers information needed for our journey. A couple weeks ago the ball hit the top of the huge hill and is now finding momentum rolling down the other side—the journey upward well worth the effort. Nice.

One key exercise has been the learning and refining of our diplomatic relations with our contacts in Bhutan. They are gracious and generous people but as with any different culture we are learning the subtle language of how they communicate and interact (versus our hyper-speed American ways). This has been incredibly enriching as well as gotten us about 90% to finalizing our Expedition route. As I’ve said may times prior, one doesn’t just throw on your backpack, go to Bhutan and do what one pleases. There are guidelines to work within and we are learning the nuances of that process.

After many conversations with a lot of super cool, incredibly talented people, we have partnered with a phenomenal artist and film maker who will lead up the film team for our Expedition. Wow. When I first spoke with Ben Henretig, it was as if we had already had a conversation about my visions for this Expedition. Perfect alignment. Passions in sync and he instantly got what we are up to. Ben is Creative Director & Founder of Micro-Documentaries, creating documentaries to bring about positive change. He’s a graduate of Stanford Film and Media Studies and an integral player in various communities that truly make a difference for young professionals and college students. We’re honored to be working with Ben to offer you a beautiful and provoking film. See Ben’s full bio on our  Team page. Welcome Ben!We are also finalizing negotiations with BOC to partner with them in creating a staged running event in Bhutan  in 2012 – stay tuned runner/traveler fans! This one will be amazing.

For more information on how you can join our team in Bhutan, peruse our invitation to you by checking out the Join Us page on our site.

Lots more happening!! Back at you soon!


PS! AS I WRITE THIS Tony is finishing up a swim across Lake Tahoe! Woohoo!

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