Hungry and Foolish

Saturday, October 8th, 2011

Steve Jobs offered these final words of enlightenment at his commencement speech to the Stanford class of 2005—“Stay hungry and stay foolish”. Thanks for the poignant words to live (and die) by, Steve. And thanks for my gorgeous MacBook Air we’ll be using in remote Bhutan to upload satellite feeds of our journey. We’re on it.

Logistics are in place with our gracious hosts the Bhutan Olympic Committee, our 4-person Film Team is finalizing gear, TEDxThimphu is set for November 14, and we have a full contingent of guest Trekkers who will be joining us for “the inquiry” on the first leg of our journey through the northwest—including Emmy Award winning Imogen Heap. ‘The Lovely Hunger’ has been our driving force for this massive project—let the foolishness begin!

Both the Expedition Team and the Film Team will be heading out the last week in October. En route and via our 4 flight traveling extravaganza into Paro, Bhutan we’ll do a stop over in Kathmandu, Nepal for a few days. Hanging at a clubhouse sponsored by the American Alpine Club and run by The Mountain Fund—we’ll have just enough time to take in a bit of the excellent frenzy of that city and chill at the Kopan monastery, while letting all our gear catch up with us.

On November 1 in a once-a-day-weather-permitting, Druk Air flight we’ll head east along the southern edge of the Himalaya range before dropping into Bhutan—literally (it is a notorious landing). This passionate dream turned into 14 months of creation while my team of one grew to 10+ phenomenally talented people with a clear vision and driving inquiry. As Jobs can attest, being unrelentingly hungry gets results. Its refreshing to gather a bright crowd and head off to such a beautiful and remote part of the world. I couldn’t be more pleased with the possibilities of sharing our journey with you all.

Expedition Bhutan and our subsequent film is a marriage of high adventure and cultural inquiry. While the Bhutanese speakers at TEDxThimphu will be preparing and presenting on “What Matters”, we’ll take that inquiry into remote parts of Bhutan on a shared adventure with the geography and people of Bhutan. Shared with each other, with the camera, our 9 guest trekkers, and shared with you via satellite fed blog posts from the field.

In addition to last minute gear prep we are in the final stages of partnering with the companies that will be hosting our posts. We’ll get you their info prior to our departure so you can join us in Bhutan.

I’d like to toss in another thanks to James Fitzgerald, Candra Canning, Sonam Tshering and The Bhutan Olympic Committee, Yangki Tshering of Glimpses of Bhutan, Kinlei Wangchuk at Cafe Bhutan, and the hugely bright  and hungry collective of our Film and Expedition Teams. Big power comes in a small group with unrelenting tenacity and a passionate collective vision. You’ve all rocked it huge!

I’ll check back in a week with info on where we’ll be blogging while in Bhutan…

Stay tuned….



  1. Terri~

    Thank you for your exhilarating post!

    The energy of your words reflects your passion for this epic expedition.
    I look forward to satellite feeds from your MacBook Air as much as I
    revered an ‘Air Jordan’ dunk that ascended from the free throw line…or
    a sunrise after cresting a mountain vista.

    Thank you for your for your exhaustive effort and genius to synthesize
    such a diverse and talented crew of visionaries on a unique path of enlightenment.

    ‘It is better to travel well than to arrive.’

    To your greatness….
    Talk to you after your journey.

    Be well.


    ~The Mad Swede CWC, ND, PhD


    • Thanks Jeff! It’s been my pleasure for sure. We look forward to sharing! Namaste to you…

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