A Fresh Year of Possibility

Friday, February 17th, 2012

This year is already shaping up to be just as enriching as last—is that possible!? I’ve got a fresh view, new clients, a new website, am diving into a couple new classes and seminars and several new projects—including organizing how I’ll be sharing my amazing journey in Bhutan via slide shows and in my writing. And I’ll be returning to Bhutan to volunteer to help out the Bhutan Olympic Committee!

My multi-media presentation of Expedition Bhutan will peruse ‘What Matters’, as per our inquiry in Bhutan. And in addition to presenting to your company or work team, I’ll be offering it as a fundraiser for schools and non-profits for something that matters to me in our communities—helping schools, teams and non-profits raise money to support participation in sport for folks who can’t afford it.

When showcasing my presentation as a fundraiser, the teams, non-profits, clubs and kids in these groups will be involved in organizing each event with me—a Team effort—just like Expedition Bhutan! And it just so happens this thread parallels the work I’ll be doing with the Bhutan Olympic Committee as well.

The first Expedition Bhutan presentation is already in the works and will be a full ‘Evening in Bhutan’ inclusive of a presentation by the founders of the Music of Bhutan Research Center. Our hosts will be the Santa Cruz Triathlon Association (SCTA)—which is so perfect because this is their club mission statement!:

“We are dedicated to supporting the Triathlon community by providing a fun and friendly environment for learning and experiencing the sport of triathlon.”

Because it matters to a large committee of SCTA members, they are expanding their already extensive repertoire to reach out to those who would love to do triathlon but can’t afford it by developing a scholarship program through our evening fundraiser. This is a club that owns an event that raises over $50,000 each year for sport teams in Santa Cruz County. Big people doing big things in our community. I’m in awe.

Remember how incredible it felt to cross your first finish line? I do, and I want to support others who don’t have the funds currently to participate. Remember how much confidence that first event gave you to take on the next one, to take on your day to day life and to take on inspiring others with your experience? In our supporting one athlete to get to the start line of their dream race, we’re spreading a trickle down of good-will, confidence and a never-say-never attitude throughout our entire community. That’s huge stuff. That matters.

I’d love to support what your community is up to. Interested in hosting a slide show presentation at your company or for your group or team – contact me about possibilities.

In the meantime, make sure you are taking care of you in this fresh year. I’ve got a couple of specials that will help inspire your goal setting—$50 off of a 3-month Coaching Program and $30 off of 3-Sport Psychology Consulting sessions. What matters to you is hitting your goals in a big way and I’d be honored to help you out with that.

Check out my new website—I’m psyched that its open and bright and expansive as thats now I’m feeling these days.

Whats matters to you? Lets talk.


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