Expedition Bhutan Coverage – Join Us!

Starting November 5th, I’m leading an expedition to cross the country of Bhutan trekking and mountain biking. We are combining high adventure with cultural inquiry while examining the question with the Bhutanese people – “What Matters”. We’re also co-hosting a TEDx Talks in Thimphu Bhutan and making a documentary film of our journey and discovery.

We’d like you to come along! Follow our expedition via SPOT Tracker and blog posts on 3 different websites; our ExpeditionBhutan.com website, Discovery.com and Athleta.com as well as our Facebook wall. You can find all this info compiled at our website Coverage page - . We’ll be posting every several days or so via satellite feeds, so check back frequently to see what we’re up to.


Please go to our Coverage page to get all updates of our journey.

We are very interested to hear from you on What Matters. As we are sharing our journey, we want to generate conversation around the topic with you – so please comment on our blog posts—share your journey while we’re on ours—and both of our experiences with this endeavor will be that much richer. Looking forward to hearing from you!

See you all on the other side,
- Terri

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