What Matters to Joey?

Project What Matters – Joey

When I met Joey at a trail planning meeting in Hot Springs Arkansas, img_0844several things came to mind: This guy is intense, he knows his shit, he knows people, and he’s super into what he does. Passionate for sure but the kind of passion that is in motion, the kind that oozes out like an energy field. Joey is a master trail builder for International Mountain Bicycling Associations, Trail Solutions and, along with my bro, Steve, we got to hang and drink some beers. And we got to ride. Or rather, Joey played tour guide on some brand spankin new trails that his crew had just built in Northwest Arkansas. Trail designs that I’d never seen beforeā€”cutting edge stuff that will be showcased at IMBA’s World Summit this November. The coolest thing about it all was that Joey was so into sharing the trails with us. He was in love with the fact that we loved the trails. So, /react-text

What Matters to Joey?

Joey: A trail that works. It has to drain but it has to be really fun and it should fit into the landscape.

A metaphor for life, perhaps? Thanks for the fun trails, Joey!#projectwhatmatters

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