What Matters to Mark Sullivan?

I met Mark while pedaling alongĀ on the Camino de Santiago trail. From minute one he easily melded into our group, which then expanded to 5, and screen-shot-2016-09-15-at-6-21-12-pmwe’d not only finish the trail together but he would hang with us for a couple more days in Santiago and beyond before he continued on. Mark was enroute to southern Portugal; he’s there now, surfing. He is involved in a few businesses, is from Chicago and lives in Denver. I could tell immediately he was an easy traveler, an open seeker and someone I’d be interested in engaging in more adventures, partly because I didn’t find out the logistics of his life until a couple of days had passed. Bypassing the usual “what do you do” questions and jumping into the ‘good stuff’ conversations right off is a good sign that I’ve found a keeper. So this cup of joe will not likely be our last.

What Matters to Mark?

‘That when I die I’ve made an impression or changed someone’s life in some positive way. That would be a good legacy. What matters is the small things.’

Lots and lots of small things.

You’re on it, Mark!


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