What Matters to Ruben Parma?

We met Ruben, a Venezuelan who lives in Barcelona, in Rabanal, on the img_1563Camino de Santiago trail. We had ordered too much pasta at our albergue, so we invited him to finish it off for us. This meal would be the start of a lovely friendship, solidified while we all pedaled the pilgrims route. He is not only an amiable, upstanding guy but one with whom, silence and intriguing conversation both run deep. Due to my effervescent curiosity, I have been known to have an ‘interrogation’ style of getting to know someone I believe may be interesting. One of the tests of that first conversation is whether the recipient of my barrage of questions, is equally curious, or not. Ruben jumped in head first with my banter, while also encouraged me to correct his English, so I started with, sheep vs sheeps. Ruben has been piecing together the Camino route on mountain bike, just recently completing the entire route.
What Matters to Ruben Parma?

The journey and the people.
We are looking at planning another of those journeys very soon.
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