Adventure in Bhutan

After creating, planning and executing Expedition Bhutan, a 2-month trekking and mountain biking journey across the country of Bhutan in 2011, I could have never imagined the intimate and ongoing relationship I’d develop with this stunning, culturally intriguing country. 
        Since that first foray into the land of Gross National Happiness, I’ve fundraised for Bhutanese individuals and non-profits, and lived and volunteered there for more than a year in total, co-creating the Bhutan International Marathon and Half Marathon and consulting on additional sporting initiatives.  
        As I get ready to head back again in a few weeks to, once again, ride Tour of the Dragon, a 268K, one-day mountain bike event which traverses the country (see my post on my first finish), I’m reflecting on how much I love sharing my beloved Bhutan with others. 
        By initiating Adventure Travel Bhutan I’ve generated growth in the country through sports and adventure tourism by offering travel packages for the events I’m a part of; Bhutan International Marathon and Half Marathon and Tour of the Dragon, as well as custom travel options for those wanting to experience Bhutan in their own unique manner. 
        On this next trip, in addition to riding Tour of the Dragon, I’ll be distributing fundraised dollars to the Tarayana Foundation, an organization founded by Her Majesty the Queen Mother, Ashi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuck, which supports vulnerable communities in Bhutan, as well as finalizing logistics for a brand new sporting initiative (stay tuned for that!).  
        Looking to race or adventure in one of the most peaceful, traditional cultures on the planet, while supporting a country and people?
                                                   Join me in Bhutan

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