Back in Bhutan

After dealing with a flight mix up (which involved calls to various embassies by friends in Bhutan and US to try and sort out where I was!!!) and a typhoon I have arrived in my beloved Bhutan, again.

While on the drive from the airport to Thimphu I felt so much joy to be back in this beautiful, peaceful place. My heart is full. It was fitting that the first familiar face and hug was from Secretary General of Bhutan Olympic Committee!

Bhutanese love to joke so I threw down my first at the airport when they did what is so common here—collect several people to do one task. “How many Bhutanese does it take to put a bike case in a very small car?!” They liked it…Let the fun begin…

A shot from the plane showing the extreme banking required to land in Paro. Love that landing!


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