Being Fit Rocks! Big Holiday Specials

       I’ve had the privilege of coaching hundreds of athletes over the past 30 years and am continually inspired by how their choice to be fit positively affects their lives. That influential effect isn’t relevant to how fast or skilled an athlete is. Though it is related to their choice to maintain a daily consistent baseline of fitness—at which ever level they choose.
Observing this, while consistently practicing my own diverse fitness program, has motivated me to publish more tools for athletes and aspiring athletes at all levels; whether that means offering coaching programs, how-to-books, or by sharing inspiring stories to motivate and encourage.
I feel so strongly that Being Fit Rocks our lives in every way, that this holiday I want to offer you and your loved ones these tools at a greatly discounted rate! A gift of fitness from me to you.
Fortify fitness goals for you or your loved ones through December 31, by taking advantage of these incredible deals on my fitness tools. Click on each book below for more info. Click HERE or on the below coupon to purchase.
Stay tuned for more holiday specials (and more fitness tools)!
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