The Gift of Travel—Bhutan

     Its been 5 years since I first set foot in the iconic country of Bhutan. Significant events have transpired since that first life-changing day; Expedition Bhutan experienced the entire country west to east, a film was made of our journey—Crossing Bhutan, an international marathon and half marathon was created continues to thrive, two Bhutanese Expedition Bhutan team members have visited the U.S., fundraising efforts have supported women entrepreneurs in the country as well as the Bhutan Olympic Committee, and I’ve twice ridden one of the most grueling one-day cycling events on the planet. Over these past 5 years I’ve spent over a year living and volunteering in the country, making life-long friends while co-creating ever more initiatives which will help the country grow and thrive.
       And from the beginning, one of my main motives has always been to share all of my experiences in Bhutan with you!
      As the time I spend in Bhutan continues to mold and shape how I do my life at home,  I thrive in sharing my work with, and time in the country via social media and my photography. I have continued to expand my travel packages to Bhutan so that you too can experience this incredible place—I’ll be announcing soon even more offerings in this arena.
So this holiday season I’d like to get you closer to your goal of visiting this iconic country, by giving you $100 off of my travel packages to Bhutan in 2018. These particular packages are structured about the Bhutan International Marathon and Half Marathon, an event I co-created and help produce, but runners and non-runners alike are all welcome.
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