Pacing, Patience and Boiling Water for Karma

I took off from my rustic apartment pre-dawn and headed straight up. Starting at about 8,000 feet and increasing altitude with each step, I methodically ascended a wall of the Thimphu Valley in Bhutan, while continuing to check in with the correct pace for this challenging 2.5-hour run. From years of experience, pacing on the move is a familiar friend—a solo jousting match I usually do pretty well at. Like all of you people with big lives, over time we develop a deep knowing of how to pace each busy day. We’re all too familiar with our mornings starting out with a big stride and remaining in full-tilt until we hit the pillow at the end of each day. But […]


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On the Move Back to Bhutan

At 4:15 am in Dubai I had been awake for a while when the first call to prayer from the nearby mosque reverberated in my hotel room. Familiar, I recalled this powerful ritual from my travels in Morocco and Egypt, while pondering that the following day the Buddhist chanting and drumming in Kathmandu would be my wake up call. I’m on the move and the cultural change-ups are an affirmation of the expansive nature of foreign travel. In Dubai, I went to a lecture by a Muslim woman from the Sheikh Mohammed Center for Cultural Understanding. She shared the foundation of her religion then opened to Q&A. The organization’s intent: to share with ‘others’ the truth of what it’s like to […]


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