Why Dirty Inspirations?

I revel in the contrasts that dirt inspires. Coming home from an extended, dusty, sweaty day on the trails adds exponentially more pleasure to my shower, than the gratuitous wake up cleaning ritual. Getting down and dirty makes getting clean stand out like a warm hug from an old friend, the smell of baking bread, or that yummy feeling we get when we give a genuinely appreciated gift to a loved one. Earn your dirt caked body, and a coveted reward can be as effortless as hot water cascading over your skin.

And if we decide to partake in getting really, really, low and dirty the contrast to being comfortable can hit us in the face as sharply as when we hear our past 8-year Commander in Chief say something like, “We need an energy bill that encourages consumption.” Slap!

Crawling through the jungles of Borneo drinking water sources harboring floating dead carcasses, or, running for days on end through 120 degree heat and sand storms can make sitting in a warm, inviting coffee shop while sipping a latte a very moving experience. We remember back to our dirty, physical demise and the latte and book we’re reading go down that much finer.

Throw it down regularly and the simple pleasures of life become awe inspiring experiences. We may even find ourselves complaining less about inconsequential life stuff like that extra 5 pounds we carry on our ass, a broken fingernail an hour before a date, or, getting cut off on the freeway. Regular dirty escapades seem to take the negative twang out of our usual daily angst. Get dirty and see your attitude change. I dare you to give it a shot.

Welcome to Dirty Inspirations where I’ll be sharing my adventures, training secrets, philosophies, race ramblings and ever more dirty inspirations. I hope you’ll join me for some dirty pursuits while sharing yours!

Let’s get inspired together.